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A  Africa Ciudad Real Huelva Pirates
Agustinian O.S.A. Colombia Humanism Pliegos de cordel
Alaska Columbus Hungary Poetry
Albacete Constitucionalism Hunting Poland
Alcalá Cordova I  Iconography Portugal
Algeria Costa Rica Illustrated Books Prints on 16th century
Alicante Courtesy and Politeness Incunabula Prints on 17th century
Almería Crimes and Punishments India Prints on 18th century
Americana Cuba Indioamerican Studies Propaganda
Ancient World Cuenca Inquisition Proverbs
Andalusia Czechoslovakia Institución Libre de Enseñanza Psychiatry & Psychology
Anthropology & Ethnography D  Dance Ireland Puerto Rico
Aphorisms Denmark Islam Pyrenees
Arabica Devotion and Spirituality Italy R  Radio, Television and media
Aragon Dictionaries J  Jaen Railways
Archeology Discoveries & Explorations Japan Reformation
Archivistica Dominican Jesuits, S.J. Reptiles
Arctica & Antarctica E  Ecclesiastical Studies Journalism & Journalists Reviews & Magazines
Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay Ecology Judaica Rioja (The)
Art of War Economics Juridica & History of Law Romania
Art, Architecture & Urban development Ecuador Juvenilia Russia
Arts and Crafts Educational Studies L  Latin American Literature S  Sahara
Asia Egypt Livestock Salamanca
Astronomy El Salvador M  Madrid & Matritensia Satirical
Asturias Electricity Malaga Segovia
Australia & Pacific Engineering Manuscripts Seismology
Austria Epigraphy Maps Sermons
Autographs Epistolaria Marian & Mariology Seville
Automobilia Eritrea Masonry Sicily
Aviation Eroticism Mathematics Silk
Avila Escolapios Sch. Piarum Medicine Social and Politic Movements
B  Balearics Esoterics, Hermeticism and related knowledges Medievalism Social Etiquette
Banditry Espionage Mediterranean and the "Turk" Sociology
Barcelona Extremadura Melilla Soria
Basque Studies F  Falange Mercedarians South Africa
Benedictines O.S.B. Farming Meteorology Spain, 18th century
Biblical Studies Fencing Metrology Spain, 19th century
Bibliographica & Bibliophily Fishing Mexico Spain, 20th century
Biographica and Memorabilia Flanders and Low Countries Military Orders Spain, as The Foreigner see it
Black Studies Florida Mining Spain, Golden Age
Bolivia Food & Gastronomica Moriscos Spaniards Scientists
Borbonica Foreign Literatures translated into Spanish Morocco & North Africa Spanish Civil War
Botany Foreign Literatures without translation Murcia Sport
Boxing Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Music Statistics
Brasil Foreign[er] as Spaniards see it N  Napoleonica Stenography
Britannia Fortifications Natural Sciences Sweden
Burgos France Nautica & Navigation T  Tanatography
C  Cadiz Franciscans O.F.M. Navarre Tauromaquia
California G  Galicia Nicaragua Technology & Industrial Hist.
Calligraphy Games Numismatics Textiles & Clothing
Canada Gardening & Flower-growing O  Oceanography The Balkans
Canary Islands Geography Odontology Theatre & Drama
Cantabria Geology Olive-oil Theology
Capuchins German Studies Opus Dei Tobacco
Caribbean Gibraltar Oratory Toledo & La Mancha
Carlism Gipsies Ornithology Transportation
Carmelites Gold P  Palencia Travel
Carolea Granada Paleography Tunis
Carthusian Greece Paleontology Turkey
Castellon Greek and Latin Classics Palestinian Studies U  Ussiana
Castille and Leon Guadalajara Panama V  Valencia & Levantine
Catalan Language and Literature Guatemala Paper Valladolid
Catalonia Guinea Patagonia Venezuela
Catechisms H  Helvetia Peninsular War W  W.W. I
Cervantine Heraldry and Genealogy Peru W.W. II
Ceuta and Melilla Hispanic Literature Pharmacy Water
Chemistry Historiography and Sources Philately Weapons
Chile History of Ideas Philippines Wine & Viticulture
China History of Science Philology and Lexicography Women
Cid Studies Holy Land Philosophy Z  Zamora
Cinema Honduras Photography Zoology & Veterinary Science
Circus Honey & Molasses Physics
Cister Horses Picaresque