LOCK, Charles G. Wanford [et alii].  

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Sugar Growing and Refining. A comprehensive Treatise on the Culture of Sugar-Yielding Plants and the Manufacture, Refining, and Analysis of Cane, Beet, Maple, Melon, Milk, Palm, Sorghum and Starch Sugar. With a chapter on the Distillation of Rum.

London-New York, Spons' Encyclopedia of Manufactures and Raw Commercial Products, 1882.

4to.; XVIII-752 pp., 8 hs., con 205 ilustraciones entre el texto y 10 láminas litográficas aparte.

Encuadernación original en tela sajona estampada.

Farming - Food & Gastronomica - Americana - Britannia - Caribbean - Costa Rica - Cuba - Panama - Puerto Rico - Technology & Industrial Hist. - Ussiana